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Prices and terms


We offer personal sessions and group classes of up to 7 participants with following pricing options

Monthly subscription of two classes per week

Classes are held on fixed weekdays and times twice per week. Subscription is offered under advance payment conditions.

Subscription price is EUR 17 per class (up to 7 participants)

Total monthly subcription cost depends on quantity of specific weekdays within a given month ( usually 8 or 9)

Subscribers are not allowed to cancel or change their class times.

Flexible EUR 100 package

Encompasses group classes within 40 days from purchase date.

Flexible price is EUR 20 per class (up to 7 participants)

Flexible package owners are allowed to book or cancel their classes using our online timetable. Cancellation is allowed with at least 24 hrs notice.

Unused balance can not be carried forward after package expiration. Extension of package duration costs 20 eur.


Group class price EUR 25 is valid for one attendance. Free slot is guaranteed only against prepayment.

Personal, duo classes

Subject to agreements

General conditions of service