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Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the timetable?

Timetable is only accessible to logged  in users. Please sign up to obtain user status.

How do I read the timetable?

Timetable is displayed as a daily or weekly grid. Further details.

What to wear to class?

We recommend something soft but relatively tight so the teacher can observe your posture. Please avoid zippers and any elements which can damage apparatus upholstery.  

Footwear policy?

Barefoot is a no-no! Grippy socks are best, sneakers with a soft sole also acceptable. especially for CoreAligh classes. 

Do you offer free parking?

Parking in front of "Argentiina" restaurant is free for 1.5 hours subject to registration at the Europark kiosk located in the shopping mall. Entrance is halfway from Argentiina to our studio.

As a convenience our web site offers same functionality to logged in users.



We have a bathroom in our studio with limited facilities - no shower available.

But I wrote a message?!

We can't afford a dedicated receptionist and all messaging including but not limited to phone calls, email, text messages, Viber, FB, brief conversations during breaks is impossible to keep track of in reasonable time.

Therefore we ask you to make the best of our online timetable for purpose of booking, cancellation and time management in general.

Subscription vs flexible package, which one is better?


Flexible package pros

  1. Last minute booking online
  2. Online cancellation (within certain time threshold)
  3. Long balance validity

Flexible package conts

  1. No  avaliability guarantee for given training
  2. Users manages his(her) time 
  3. Trainings cost higher

Why my log in fails?

User name or email entered during login are case sensitive. So John Doe is NOT equivalent to john doe or is not equal to

It is also worth noting that some browsers automatically capitalize text input (turning username into Username) and/or add a trailing blank space.