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Terms of Service

General Conditions

  1. Oakridge OÜ (hereinafter Studio) renders services to Members in relation to group and individual training classes at Studio premises.
  2. Studio at its sole discretion enters into agreements with Members governing individual classes and Packages of classes. Packages may be issued for fixed quantities of classes and/or fixed validities.
  3. Services to persons under the age of 16 are rendered only in the presence of an adult who bears full responsibility for the person under the age of 16.
  4. During classes access to the Studio may be restricted.
  5. Members without valid agreements are renders services only based on free space availability.
  6. Studio has the right to expel from its premises all persons in breach of their obligations or rules of conduct as well as to discontinue their agreements without refund.
  7. All notices are published by the Studio on its web site and in its premises. Studio does not undertake direct notification of Members by other means of communications.


  1. Members are assigned codes and passwords (hereinafter "Credentials") for the purpose of authentication when exchanging information with the Studio by phone or via internet. Members undertake to keep their Credentials secret and bear full responsibility for use of Credentials by third parties.
  2. Studio has the right to use Members' registered email addresses and mobile phone numbers for submitting messages.
  3. Studio reserves the right to record telephone conversations with Members for the purpose of improving services and logging interactions when authenticating Members.
  4. Studio has the right to carry out video recording and take pictures at it's premises in order to ensure quality of service. Said materials can be used for advertising at Studio's sole discretion.

Rights and Obligations of Studio

  1. Studio at its sole discretion assigns prices and composes timetable of classes which are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Studio personnel does not render medical services and only consults Members on the services including use of equipment. Studio carries out maintenance of equipment.
  3. Studio does not guarantee class participation without prior booking.
  4. Studio does not undertake support in booking or cancelling classes by phone or other means except for online booking system published on Studio internet site.
  5. Studio has the right with prior reasonable notice with possibly no prejudice towards Members carry out all kinds of sweeping, repair, maintenance and other works in relation to Studio equipment and premises.

Rights and Obligations of Member

  1. Members are not entitled to transfer their agreements to third parties.
  2. Members are entitled to receive Studio services based on valid Package or ticket under terms and conditions stipulated in pertaining agreements, general conditions of service and code of conduct.
  3. When visiting Studio premises Members are obliged to follow instructions issued by Studio personnel.
  4. Member bears full responsibility for his choice and use of services rendered by Studio with implied full knowledge of his/her state of health and in accordance with recommendations of his/her medical physician or other medical practitioner.
  5. Member is obliged to use the Studio equipment according to its' direct applicability and in accordance with instructions of Studio personnel.
  6. For the purpose of participation in classes Members may book themselves via Studio internet site or by phone.
  7. In the case of class cancellations by Studio booked Members are entitled to an extension of their Packages validity for up to 2 weeks' time.
  8. For the duration of their classes Members are allowed to use Studio lockers without the Studio bearing responsibility for the Members' belongings. In case of loss of locker keys Members are liable for key duplication costs according to schedule.
  9. Members undertake to follow rules of conduct and exercise care towards Studio property. Damage inflicted to Studio property is reimbursed from the person who caused the damage.

Code of Conduct

  1. Footwear is left at the entrance.
  2. Socks or sneakers must be worn at all times in the Studio.
  3. Mobile phones must be muted.
  4. We appreciate cleanliness and good personal hygiene.
  5. Food, kitchenware and bottles without corks are not allowed inside the studio.
  6. Trash bins must be free of empty bottles.
  7. Arriving late into the class is a distracts other members as well as leaves oneself prone to injury due to lack of proper warmup. This is why we reserve our right to bar late arriving members from class.
  8. Equipment must be re-racked after class.
  9. Please notify in beforehand should you be leaving class early.
  10. Equipment cleaning must be carrier out only upon class completion as instructed by Studio personnel.
  11. In case of the slightest possible problems or irregularities use of equipment must be immediately ceased and Studio personnel assistance requested.
  12. Accompanying visitors without bookings are allowed only subject to prior agreement with Studio.
  13. Do not bother or distract on-premises members and Studio personnel.
  14. Smoking, consumption of alchogol and drugs in the Studio are prohibited.
  15. No pets are allowed in the Studio.